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A Ballad for Easter

(Download and give the song below a listen after reading the post)

HoliznaCC0 - The Ballad Of Christ
Download MP3 • 18.72MB

Whether you are a person of faith, specifically a Christian or not, here's and interesting story for you that can't help but make you take notice of things not seen, but felt, or in this case heard.

It's Easter Sunday and I'm messing around with putting together the needed materials for the Podcast I'm creating called "The Bigger Picture". One thing I'm seeking is some catchy intro and outro music to compliment the feel and rhythm of the recordings so I'm perusing the Creative Common music website and happen to come across this while doing so. Why Creative Commons? That's really what The Davis Arts Legacy is all about so it's only fitting that I seek out the work of those doing what they do because they love it.

I come across this fellows music and he's got some work that fits nicely with what I'd like. Not content to listen to just a few of his offerings I begin to dig a little deeper...and find this little gem. I'm not going to tell you what it is...just listen. There will be those that this touches deeply and others that think its nice, but nothing more. I get it, and I'm not one to wear my faith openly for all to see as a badge of honor. I happen to wear mine in my heart. Perhaps you do to. If not, that's between you and God and I'm not one to stand in between. I just share what comes along and this is one of those things.

I'll leave you with this; It never hurts to dig a little deeper, even if it does hurt. If you get my drift. If you'd like let me know what you think. I'm here for you. - MDD

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