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A Philosophy of Legacy


A legacy is defined as an idea or object of value handed down from one person to another. I believe that legacy is at the very root of what it is to be human and should we choose to travel our chosen path without a sense of legacy we forfeit a deeper, more intimate, purpose and meaning in our life. Legacy helps build strong relationships and communities and strengthens the human spirit. A portion of my personal and professional legacy is what I share with you here, both in images and words. You can see  a small sampling of my images here and some of my words, along with images here


I believe sharing is more than simply showing or giving something to another human being. It’s interacting with a greater purpose in mind. In its most complete form, sharing emanates holistically through our mind, heart, soul and spirit. At it’s fullest, sharing dwells at a deeper, more intimate, level of connection. In my experience when sharing at this level we may appear to others, and perhaps even to ourselves, as giving more than we receive. I've found, when choosing to view my sharing through a holistic lens, the opposite to be true. My mission is to serve as encouragement and inspiration to others for creating their own unique opportunities to share with meaningful purpose.


Words without actions make for an incomplete equation. Actions without meaning are as effective as the sound of one hand clapping. You may see the action of the hand as it moves through space and time but it is without meaningful affect. There’s no reason without purpose. Words are the easy side of commitment to fulfilling an idea, a task or a dream. It takes focused physical action and not just words, to create anything in life and especially effective opportunity. The Davis Arts Legacy is my action and the sound of my mind, heart, soul and spirit clapping in unison. It's my manifestation of molding the chaotic noise of opportunity into a meaningful shape in the time and space of reality.


Most of us are motivated by a desire to get ahead in life, to make a difference in a meaningful way, and to be respected for the fruits of our labor. Human nature, at its most base, carries with it a desire to discover a sense of purpose in life, and to share the results of that purpose with others. This nourishes the human need to be accepted and appreciated. An opportunity exists to feed these needs through our application of purpose, ability, talent and skill. The catalyst which binds these four things is passion. And passion is one of the greatest factors in determining our level of achievement and success in life. So, here’s to your success and an opportunity for you to join me as a member here, or view and purchase my artwork items here.

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