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Prescott Park Spring Hike with Marc Mason

I had the privilege this Spring, 2022, to accompany Marc Mason of on one of his hikes offered through the Medford, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The day was gorgeous. In fact it couldn't have been any more ideal if we'd planned it to be!

Our destination was the top of Prescott Park Peak, which sits two-thousand feet above the Rogue Valley floor. It was an easy hike on well groomed trails but still presented a respectable challenge to those of us who are just now beginning to get back in to the groove of Spring and Summer hiking.

Mark has been a consummate guide on all the trail hikes I've accompanied him on for the Parks and Recreation Department this year with good knowledge of the flora and fauna of our natural habitat here in Southern Oregon.

If you have an interest in, and the time for, hiking during the week I highly recommend you visit and sign up for the many hikes Marc has planned for Summer 2022 through Medford Parks and Recreation. His hikes fill up quickly so make sure you check out the schedule soon if you're interested. In addition I recommend visiting Marc's website where he offers more than just day hikes. He's a great guy and I recommend his services highly.

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Thanks for putting that beautiful video together. I'd sign up for one of those hikes right now!

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