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Putting Wheels On Creativity

(For an audible version please click on the link at the end of this written Blog)

Hey there this is Michael From the Davis Arts Legacy. It’s been a couple weeks since I have posted to this blog or anything to my website actually. Summer has sprung fully open and with it has come a full schedule of opportunities which have taken over my available time, or what I have remaining after checking off the boxes in regards to my teaching, photography and meetings which consume a great part of each day and even into the evening hours.

As the last two years begin to slip into the catch all of memory, among them being chiefly the mandatory and self imposed isolation that most of us were required or compelled to endure, we begin to settle back into a familiar pattern of summer activities. Only this year these activities appear to be multiplied by a factor of urgency as we seek to connect and reconnect in person with those people and acquaintances, that we’ve missed being in the physical presence of, for far too long.

It’s a good feeling and one not to be missed or denied in order to share a few carefully chosen words on similarly carefully selected topics embracing subjects of personal interest to me. I do hope you’ll understand my desire to commune with those I’m fortunate and blessed to call friends, associates, colleagues and acquaintances in the hope of continuing to solidify meaningful and valued relationships. At the same time it would please me to pieces to know that some you listening to or reading this Blog are those same people who, if I haven’t already, will once again be making face to face connection with soon.

Today I was delighted to attend my local chamber of commerce weekly greeters meeting. This after a couple of years of having to endure the on line zoom version only. It’s just not the same as hearing someone’s voice when it’s directed just at you and not a virtual room packed to the rafters with others when a private conversation is more appropriate and preferable.

At our weekly Greeter’s meetings each member is allowed 30 seconds to discuss their business. It’s always a challenge for me to decide what to say about what I do and keep it within the fast elevator speech format that only a 30 second time frame will allow for. After awhile a person runs out of things to say, or a different and unique way to present the same material and not sound as if it’s a repetition of what’s been said for the past several months. But I do like a good challenge and therefore have set out to present in what I feel is a more interesting and creative way. That’s for you to decide though and for me to suggest that you let me know what you think.

So, verbatim, this is what I presented this morning to a group of fully caffeinated business colleagues who were assembled together for the common purpose of wowing the crowd with their 30 seconds of focused attention.

"Creativity is often one of the last things a person considers when they’re working hard to make a living, if they should choose to consider it at all. But being creative is a primary tool used by every successful person to differentiate them self from the other guys. Creativity is that thing that helps each of us excel, create an edge, and become uniquely different in whatever we choose to pursue in life. I’m Michael from the Davis Arts Legacy. I create for a living while creating a life worth living. And so can you. Let’s talk!"

While I believe most listeners to this little half minute revelation were more impressed with the fact that it fell exactly at the 30 second mark, I also like to think that a few in the group were actually listening to and absorbing the idea which was being presented. This idea is that creativity is an important tool to have and know how to use properly and effectively both in business and in life. Without it we all appear to be pretty much the same whether we intend to or not. We want people to like us, know what we do for a living and find a use for the product or service we offer up. The sticking point is in creating a message that will resonate with those we are hoping to touch with our message. So, let’s put some wheels on this 30 second infommercial of mine.

The host for our Greeter’s meeting was an auto repair shop. Being the host they were able to exceed the 30 second time limit and were able to give an in depth presentation. It turned out to be an exemplary example and excellent segue for the idea I presented there and now to you in this extended Blog form. They’d done their research on their local competitors to the point that they knew exactly what they offered that most others don’t. They were able to demonstrate conclusively the importance in this difference in a creative and compelling way and it was evident that the crowd was impressed. It was truly a win for the home team in my opinion.

They described how they have differentiated themselves from the other guys, they explained how they created an edge which set themselves apart, became unique by applying this edge, and excelled because of doing so. Their success will come from not only expending the time and effort that other businesses wouldn’t to bring themselves to a higher level of service, but through explaining to others just how they did it. No secret sauce, just being creatively transparent about the differences. This will stick in the memory of those of us who were fortunate to listen to what was shared. It should be a lesson for every business who is working through how to differentiate themselves and make a meaningful contribution while being creative in their approach.

I have a feeling this goes much deeper than just the practice and policies of the owner of a local auto repair shop. This begins at at a level which speaks to the personal philosophy of the owner of this shop. If it weren’t for their commitment to the well being of not only their bottom line but that of those who they employ and ultimately to their customers, this level of desire to do the right thing wouldn’t even exist. This level of positive creativity begins in the heart and soul of the person who makes it happen. It has to willingly exist. This is where my idea of creating for a living while creating a life worth living stems from. It’s where the idea of a legacy and living that legacy originates. It originates with each of us and it’s up to each of us to shape our own legacy. The question is what will that legacy look like? We alone determine this.

I hope I've raised a few thoughts and questions in your mind with the sharing of this overdue Blog. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t shared one until now. Perhaps it was a certain moment, what I refer to as a defining moment, which was destined to come to pass before I would be able to share this. Serendipity is an amazing thing if you just let it be and let it exist. Until Next time.

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