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The Rough Patch

(A modern ode and beckoning call to the creative souls who linger long enough to read and act upon the message that lay within)

Spring has arrived. Finally.

With a new season comes the anticipation of bright rain drenched sunny afternoons, the arrival of colors that dazzle the spirit with beauty and brightness, sweeping the darker days of winter into the hidden recesses of our thoughts. We press forward in favor of the light we have so longed for. Finally.

Analogies fill the mind. Thoughts motivate fingers, stroke keys, spelling, in illuminated characters, digital words spilling forth on to the information highway, eventually finding eyes for whom these thoughts are shared. The cycle completes and like the days of spring come full circle. The memory of two winters of covered faces and voices hidden behind a hazy veil of strictly compelled, cajoled and coerced fear, now fade as fast as they first appeared. The Rough Patch begins to show signs of life.

Rough patches of darkness often come alive with weeds, but the artful soul looking longingly enough among the twisted chaos threatening to choke out all but its own kind, will discern a brightness beginning to bloom. With renewing strength, the weed patch springs alive in the color and promise of better days ahead. More creative patches begin to spring up in colorful contempt, replacing those rough patches filled with weeds. They connect, communicate, collaborate, and the darkness begins to fade.

The bloom of a thousand blossoms emerge from the darkness of winter and shine forth on the world as is the nature of the artistic soul. Out of rough patches new cultivation springs forth, new beginnings emerge, and a bond born of shared experiences, become the materials and tools for creativity.

What has been endured will surely be endured again. It’s the nature of humanity. We fall, flail, fail in fear, survive in faith, and finally spring forth again from our rough patches. This isn’t our first season of discontent, it surely won’t be our last, and neither will this be our final garden created in thoughtful creativity. It’s time, once again, to come together, not in fear but in faith, to nurture and feed the souls of humanity with the bright fruit found in the garden of artistic and creative freedom.

I invite and welcome you all to my little patch of creative freedom. This is where I labor to prepare a garden worthy of the presence of all who venture forth in a spirit of sharing, caring, creativity, and respect.

©2022 Michael D. Davis All Rights Reserved

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