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Trust Your Instincts

Updated: May 13, 2022

Lately I’ve been thinking about what it is that motivates me to follow and remain on my own personal path through life. Why do I choose to engage in this pursuit to communicate my feelings and understanding of what it means to strive to be a good example to others as a creative human being? What is it that motivates me to take time to inspire and encourage people I’ve never met or communicated with in any way other than through social media?

On the most base level, and in all honesty, I’d say it comes from the very human need and desire to be heard and understood. Isn’t that what most of us want to a great degree in our lives? Who doesn’t want others they come in contact with to hear their personal story and connect on a level that promotes value and understanding between the communicating parties involved? Most people I’ve had the privilege to connect with just want to hear, be heard and share in a meaningful and beneficial way.

Some of us even have the audacity to think that what we want to share might be helpful to some of the folks we connect with. Perhaps this is due to a special expertise we feel we have, or training in a profession we’ve chosen, and maybe it’s simply the insight we’ve gained through experiences we’ve collected throughout our lives. These things often give us a desire to connect and share. Sometimes a little and at others times maybe too much.

The difficulty in sharing those things that we’re proud of or even not proud for that matter is that not everyone is appreciative of our doing so. This can often be the case with those we’re closest to. Family, co-workers and those who see our messages in their social media feeds or in boxes on a regular basis. We often walk a fine line between a desire to share our heart with others and wearing out our welcome with those who’d rather not hear our message over and over and again one more time. People have a tendency to shut down and shut off those whose message they have become too familiar with.

Another problem in getting heard, therefore being able to share those things we feel have enough value to give to others, is that there’s just so much stuff that fills our lives on a daily basis that it becomes a chore and a drudge to sort through all of it and derive any value from doing so. I’m sure I’m not the only person who avoids my in box, knowing full well what a task it’s going to be to go through what’s stuffed in their. Some of which I’ve asked for and much which I haven’t.

So, how does the person who knows that there’s got to be a ready and willing audience, just waiting to hear the unique message they have to share, connect in a meaningful way? Not only do they have to find that audience, like a needle in the proverbial social media haystack, but it has to be at the right time and with the right message. Either that or they must discover a manner in which to connect with their intended audience in a unique way. I’d guess that a good 50 to 75 percent of all the stuff stuffing my social media channels and in box are aimed at helping me find that unique way. The problem is not much of it is unique, or even new at all. This is where I begin to shut down and shut others off and out of my life, which isn’t good for either of us.

So, what’s my solution? What have I decided I am going to do that’s unique in the area of getting others to pay attention to what I’d like to share with them? How am I hoping to hold your attention and get you to connect and then come back to hear more and share your message with me? It’s simple really, and not unique at all. At least not in the process, but it seems less likely to be a method practiced in today’s faced paced social media world. I’ve determined that I’m going to get to know people by simply inviting them to have a conversation. This isn’t aimed at anything more than relationship building by getting to know one another.

You see this is what trust is built on and I perceive that this is the thing that’s is often missing from our connecting these days. Whether it’s from the rapid pace or just that we’ve forgotten the importance of building a good foundation before we erect a structure on it, a relationship must be built from digging in the dirt first. No I’m not referring to dirt as those things we’d rather not have come to light or share, but more in line with the fertile soil where things grow. So I guess the real analogy I’m going for here is creating a garden where relationships are nurtured and grown, not pre-fabricated on a premise which may be true or false.

The key for me is building trust in any meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship. My instincts are telling me that by nurturing and allowing trust to grow, an audience of interested and uniquely interesting individuals will fill the garden I wish to raise up and enjoy. I couldn’t imagine a better legacy to build than one founded on relationships nurtured in trust that is mutually beneficial. Can you?

If you’re interested in being a part of helping build a legacy of trust and respect and interest in your life and what creativity means to you I invite you to join my website, listen to or read my Blog, which you’re doing right now, and become a part of something I hope we can all contribute to building into a meaningful and helpful opportunity for everyone involved.

If you have questions about what you’ve heard or read here please be in touch. You can do so through this website, at LinkedIn, or simply by emailing me at I welcome and invite your voice into my in box.

© 2022 Michael D. Davis All Rights Reserved

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