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Rising To The Occasion

I’ve never been one to shy away from an opportunity to make use of a pun. This week's gallery and the title of this post is a classic example. Call it style, call it trite, call it what ever you may choose, it’s part of my schtick and I’m schticking to it. See what I did there?

Puns are tools which can be used effectively for connecting. They may serve as a mechanism for connecting people, places, things or even ideas which on first consideration may not seem to have a connection but certainly do once we view the complete picture. We may groan at the simplicity of the tool, but if the tool gets the job done it can prove quite effective in a creative way.

If nothing else puns provide the means for us to commit the circumstances surrounding their use to memory. As tools go I’m pretty useful at helping people preserve their memories so why not consider me a tool for creativity? Yes, pun fully intended. Although being a tool has never really been considered my strongest suit. That’s why I wear shark skin. Oh my, they just keep circling.

And speaking of memories. Aren’t they the very thing we create for ourselves, cherish, and share with others to help provide a sense of joy and meaning in our life when all is said and done? I often say that photographs are simply catalysts for our memories, transporting us to a time and place and to the people and things we fondly remember. As a photographer and artist I have helped people recall their cherished memories, in the form of images, for nearly five decades and am delighted to have done so. This is part of what is showcased here at the Davis Arts Legacy. It’s one of many facets of the legacy I’m both delighted to share with you and blessed to have had a hand in creating.

We all have opportunities in our lives to rhetorically and physically rise to the occasion. I’ve committed the past several years to helping facilitate people’s discovery of how and why this is important to themselves, their community and far beyond. Rising to the occasion is deceptively easy and often takes a whole lifetime to perfect. It’s not for the faint of heart or the fearful. Rising to the occasion takes inner strength, patience, support from others, and faith. Most of all it takes an unwavering and unshakeable belief in one’s purpose and ability to create positive change in the world.

This web site, the images and the words you find here, represent my attempt at rising to life’s occasions. All these things are still a work in progress which I assume, and desire, will continue for some time. At least it’s my desire that they should. Through your visits to see and read what is shared here, then sharing it forward in your own way, you'll help me make a difference. Your participation in subscribing, throwing a dollar or two in the tip jar now and then and perhaps becoming a member or purchasing some of my artwork, makes it possible for me to continue to rise to the occasion. I won't ask for much. Just your attention and feedback in which ever way you wish to provide it. It could be as sublime as purchasing original art, a book, perhaps becoming a member for a few bucks a year, or as simple as joining my site, coming back to visit each week, and sharing what you discover here with others. I'm not into the hard sell thing so it’s your choice how and at what level you become involved. Regardless of how your participation is sincerely welcomed and appreciated.

In ballooning it takes a whole lot of hot air to rise to the occasion. That in and of itself embodies a pun. But perhaps it’s more a matter of perspective in this case. Hot air can either come from within, generated through disingenuous thought or action, or it can be created through the passionate heat of discourse generated and fanned by those who feel strongly enough about the message to lift it to a different level so others can see and appreciate it too. Perhaps that’s why people who make an effort to help and support are referred to as fans. And another opportunity for a pun pokes it’s head up to look around and sniff the rarefied atmosphere of opportunity. Will you choose to rise to the occasion? Let me know how you feel and what you think about The Davis Arts Legacy. I’d sincerely love to start and grow a meaningful conversation with you.

© 2022 Michael D. Davis - All Rights Reserved

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