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Where To Begin...

It’s a difficult task knowing where one should begin in introducing themselves, their life’s work, their motivations and interests when meeting others for the first time in person or virtually. As I pause, looking back at my life, my career, the many things I’ve accomplished, enjoyed, and the reasons why, it seems a nearly overwhelming task. How can I possibly begin to pack all I feel, have experienced and remain passionate about into a series of visuals and words that will be of even the slightest interest to anyone but myself? Perhaps they won’t be, but then, that is the nature of a legacy.

I’m sure this feeling is shared with many who reach the point where the greatest portion of their mortal existence has realistically past by. Yet they continue on, forging forward still, searching for fulfillment in purpose and meaning and a final resting peace of faithfully knowing it was not for nothing.

I’ve finally settled on a simple chronology and one that is familiar to anyone blessed and tasked with the miracle of physical existence upon this Earth. I’ll begin where we all do, with images created of the youngest of those I’ve been blessed to memorialize photographically. So without fanfare let me introduce you to a few of the youngest subjects of my camera over the past several decades. I’ll share a few week’s of these tiny treasures with you and then move up to selection of increasingly older subjects. It just makes it easier to create a recognizable chronology out of what I’ve done, and hope to continue doing for the balance of time allotted to me in life, however much that may be.

I’ll share stories now and then on this Blog and a tip or two in the accompanying Forum for those whose interest extends to learning something of my accumulated experience and knowledge in the art and craft of various genre’s of photography. I invite, encourage and welcome you to bookmark this site and return as I intend to post a fresh gallery of images each weeks on various topics and subjects. God knows I’ve created enough images over my chosen career to fill many full years of weeks on this website. Indeed my “cup hath runneth over” my “quiver hath been filled” with the blessings shared by those I’ve been privileged to have visit my studio, and, in so doing, gift a mere sliver of their existence to me, memorialized in a handful of images, each measured in a mere fraction of a second. - MDD

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